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Apartment by the sea

A Unique place for unforgettable vacations.

Marine Life Museum of Rethymnon
Rethymnon Old Town

The Museum of Submarine Life is situated at Arapatzoglou street, at the center of Rethymno's old city. It was founded by the "Moshaki" family, in memory of their lost child, who drowned in the sea. The largest part of the exhibits are made up of shells, while a few vertebrates, sponges and fish are also on display.

Sirikari village

Sirikari (GR Σηρικάρι) is a small village located 52 km away from Hania and 14 km from Kastelli at 500m a.s.l. The name Sirikari probably comes from the profession of the first settler, who has to be a silk weaver (Sirikaris).
A short ravine starts from Sirikari and ends close to Polyrinia. There is also a chestnut tree forest, the cave of the Holy Mother (Panagias), the byzantine church of Agii Apostoli, with frescoes of 14th century a monument of great importance and two old factories.

Marathos village
Malevizi, Iraklion

Dóxa (GR: Δόξα) is a pretty village built on a height of 400 metres above sea-level and 20 kilometres to the west of Heraklion on the road to the mountainous Milopotamos.
The historical cave of Dóxa (GR: Δόξα) is located in a short distance from the village of Marathos on the road to Heraklion. It is at a height of 490 metres above sea-level, near a well-known taverna also called DOXA.
The cave has a total length of 50 metres and impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Fourokatos (The wild cat of Crete)
Felis Sylvestris Cretensis

The existence of the animal was conjectured by zoologist Dorothea Bate in 1905, upon purchasing three hides in Chania. No less than 88 years later, Greek and Italian researchers managed to catch an aging individual in the Platanos Amariou region after electronic stalking that lasted for several months. More recently, this cat was captured in one of many photo-traps set for this purpose on Rouvas mountain by the researchers of the National History Museum of Crete.
And yet all this was no news to the locals, who knew "fourokatos" ("furious cat") as a solitary mountainous hunter of birds and hares ... who at times upgrades to small sheep, too: an act unthinkable for an ordinary cat, punishable by death -- after which the surviving sheep are coated in fourokatos broth in the hope of discouraging further attacks.
Folk opinion varies on the fourokatos' size: some think that he is "four times as big as a house cat", others dispute that to the point of refusing him the right to a separate species -- could he be the descendant of house cats who chose the freedom of the mountain?
Source: www.oswego.edu/~baloglou/misc/felix.html
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Felis
Species: F. silvestris
Subspecies: F. s. cretensis
THE WILD CAT OF CRETE:A Ghost Animal by STIGMES, the magazine of Crete

Vlatos village
Kissamos, Hania

Vlatos is located at 380m a.s.l., 54 km away from Hania and 18 km from Kastelli Kissamou. It is built in a tree covered valley, with olive trees, chestnut trees and wild vegetation. There are some very nice trekking paths around and in the forest of "Peace" which has been characterized as a natural park.
The "Park of Peace" was founded in 1970 by the Cultural Association of Vlatos with the cooparation of Goethe Institute and the support of the Bavarian Department of Forests.
It is an experimental park with 150 species of plants, covers an area of 1,000,000 sq.m. and is part of an extended area of 20 sq.km. which have been reforested.

Weather Stats for Iraklion

Temperature - Precipitation - Wind Speed - Morning Relative Humidity

The Municipality of Asterousia
South Iraklion

The mountain range of Asterousia (Eastern part), the beaches, the facilities, the sightseeing and the villages:

Nida plateau
Psiloritis Mountain

The plateau is located in the center of the Ida mountain range at an altitude of 1400 m. It can be accessed from various sides but the only asphalt road is from the town of Anogeia. It has a roughly triangular shape and is almost flat. Visitors can enjoy the wild landscape, take a walk to the entrance of Idaion cave or to the freedom fighter sculpture, made with boulders from the mountain. An other interesting attraction is the various Mitata scattered all over the area.
Those are circular domed buildings made with stones and used by shepherds for accommodation and storage of cheese.
There is also a tavern with traditional food.
The area of Nida, in earlier times, before the systematic farming and logging damage the flora of Psiloritis, was covered by forests in which mythological and traditional tales put different events. Here Dimitra fell in love with the mortal Iasion.

Park for the Preservation of Flora & Fauna
Akrotiri, Hania

At a time that living organisms are disappearing at an alarming rate, especially through habitat destruction, the Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna of the Technical University of Crete, which extends to 30 hectares, constitutes a small but important area where native plants and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human intervention.
Up to now 250 different plant species that grow naturally in habitats of the Park have been identified, while their systematic documentation is still in progress.
The development of new ecological units (“habitats”) began in areas of the Park that have been cultivated in the past. These will include plant species of Crete that do not grow naturally in the Park. Two such units, the wetland and the coastal habitats have already been launched.

Krassi Village
Pediada, Iraklion

Krassi is a small village 47 Km's from Iraklion and 17 km from Malia at an altitude of 600 m.asl, on the way to Lassithi plateau, and is administratively part of the Municipality of Malia. The village is one of the prettiest in Crete, with a lot of springs. Due to the free running water , it is covered with walnut trees, plane trees and all kinds of vegetation. Next to the spring in the middle of the village is one of the oldest and biggest plane trees in Crete (its root has a circumference of 22 meters!).

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