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The Palace of Phaistos
The hill of Phaistos was inhabited as early as the Final Neolithic period (4500 - 3200 BC), when an extensive Neolithic settlement was established, succeeded by a settlement of the Prepalatial period (3200 - 4900 BC). These early settlements were followed by the foundation of the First Palace of Phaistos (1900- 1700 BC), which was built on the NE part of the hill in order to control the whole of the fertile plain of the Messara.
Around this palace arose, in the Minoan period, the extensive city of Phaistos, which continued to flourish until Hellenistic times (323-67 BC).

The First Palace was built around 1900 BC. It was extensive, covering an area of approximately 8.000 sq.m, and spread over the three stepped terraces of the hill. It was inhabited for about two and a half centuries, during the course of which it was destroyed and rebuilt three times, and was destroyed for the last time by earthquake in about 1700 BC. After the final destruction, its ruins were covered in a thick layer of lime mixed with clay and pebbles, on which the New Palace was built.

The New Palace was smaller in size but more monumental than the Old Palace. It was destroyed in 1450 BC, as were most Minoan centres. The New Palace of Phaistos was not rebuilt after its destruction. The city around it continued to be inhabited, flourishing in Geometric (800-700 BC) and Hellenistic (323-67 BC) times. Around 150 BC the city was destroyed by neighbouring Gortys, which arose as the new power of south Crete.
The Minoan palaces were centres of political, economic and religious activity rather than simply residences of the elite.
Despite their labyrinthine form, they had a specific architectural layout. The core of the various complexes was the large, open-air Central Court, around which the wings were set. These were multi- storey buildings with indented facades of coursed masonry monumental gateways, luxurious rooms with hypostyle halls, polythyra, light-wells and open balconies.
1. The Upper Court
2. West Court - Theatral Area
3. Kouloures
4. West Facade
5. Propylaea
6. Magazine of the Giant Pithoi
7. West Magazines
8. West Wing Shrines
9. Central Court
10. North Wing
11. Peristyle
12. King's Megaron
13. Queen's Megaron
14. Northeast complex
15. East Court and the workshop complex
In and/or around Phaistos:
(within a radius of 30 Km)

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at 5km(SW) from Phaistos
Aretoussa Pension

Kiknos Studios Kalamaki
at 5.6km(SW) from Phaistos
Kiknos Studios

Melissa Hotel *** Matala
at 7.3km(SW) from Phaistos
Melissa Hotel ***

Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas For Rent Matala
at 8.7km(SW) from Phaistos
Die Zwei Bruder Pension & Villas for rent

Irini Mare Holiday Resort Agia Galini, South Rethimno
at 11.9km(NW) from Phaistos
Irini Mare Holiday Resort

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