Plakias Bay Hotel
At the eastern end of the bay of Plakias. Surrounded by an oasis of peace and tranquility, the Plakias Bay Hotel enjoys a unique position directly on the bay of Plakias, within walking distance of the sea resort's main attractions and activities, a number of restaurants, shops and typical tavernas. This family run Crete hotel offers a friendly environment and a warm hospitality that will make your stay in Greece a very pleasant one. Plakias Bay Hotel offers welcoming double, triple and family rooms.
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In and/or around Plakias Bay Hotel:
(within a radius of 50 Km)

Oasis Apartments And Rooms Plakias
at 0.7km(NE) from Plakias Bay Hotel
Oasis Apartments and Rooms

Ikaros Bungalows Plakias
at 0.8km(NE) from Plakias Bay Hotel
Ikaros Bungalows

Alianthos Beach Hotel Plakias
at 1km(NW) from Plakias Bay Hotel
Alianthos Beach Hotel

Mythos Apartments Damnoni, Plakias, South Rethymnon
at 1.2km(E) from Plakias Bay Hotel
Mythos Apartments

Akti Damnoni Damnoni, Plakias, South Rethymnon
at 1.2km(SE) from Plakias Bay Hotel
Akti Damnoni

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