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Gassi . Gassi is a small settlement south of Arkalochori, almost a continuation of the latter, very beautiful and with an obvious traditional character untouched by time and development, however, unfortunately almost deserted, as most of its population have moved to Arkalochori or elsewhere. In the 1961 census the village had 265 people!

Continuing our route to the South, on the way from Gassi towards Mousouta, we come across some significant marks of previous wealth in the area. Water mills, ‘old fashioned’ manufacturing units built at the highest points, so as to take advantage of the wind, have nowadays been replaced by modern units.

Moussouta Mousouta is only three kilometres south of Arkalochori towards the South, at a distance of 36km from Heraklion and 420m above sea level, with a population of 152, its name has been mentioned in censes since 1373 BC.
The Venetian fountain in the village (see photograph) is mentioned by GEROLA among the Venetian monuments of Crete.

Agia Semni A very small village on the road from Arkalochori to Partira, 3.5km south of the former, with a small church and little fountain with reservoir, where passers by can be supplied with cool water. The road from Agia Semni also leads to Kasteliana and further to Tsoutsouros, turning left at the junction after the village
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