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Crete Fast Facts
GREECE (HELLAS), at the Southern Aegean Sea
Coordinates (Iraklion):
Lat: 35° 20' North - Lon: 25° 08' East
Coordinates (Hania):
Lat: 35° 30' North - Lon: 24° 02' East
8.336 sq.kms /
Length (E-W) :260 km
Width (N-S) : 60 max - 12 min
It is the largest island in Greece. The highest point is Psiloritis mountain at 2456m.
The population of the island is approximately 630.000 (yr. 2005).
Major cities (Munic. population) :
Iraklion (151.000) - Hania (53.000) - Rethymno (31.000)
Greek Orthodox 99%
Greek - Cretan idiom.
English is also widely spoken especialy in the tourist areas
Monetary Unit
The official currency is the Euro (€) divided into 100 cents.
Weights and Measures
Metric system - Metres, Kilograms, litres, °C...
220 - 240V,Frequency: 50 Hz, Sockets/Outlets: 2 pin + earth/ground "Shuko" or 2 pin (round) lighting type.
Standard time zone
UTC/GMT +2 hours (Eastern European Time)
Daylight Saving Time:
last Sunday of March, 3:00 am local standard time
last Sunday of October, 4:00 am local daylight time
International country code: + 30 (Greece)
Local Numbers: 28xxxxxxxx (10 digits)
Mobile Numbers : 6xxxxxxxxx (10 digits)
Mobile Network: GSM 900/1800 Mhz
Broadband internet is available in major populated areas
Wireless is available in the historical center of Heraklion town, and in most large hotels.
Mobile internet 3G or 4G is offered by all providers and covers almost the entire island.

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