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Red beach
Matala, South - West Iraklion
The Red beach is located around 700m south from Matala. It is a beautiful secluded beach with fine reddish sand originating from the rocks of the area. The name "Red Beach" is given by the visitors due to its reddish color while its original name is Ammoúdia (GR: Αμμούδια). The sea gets a lovely blue-green color, making the landscape really unique. The only way to access Red Beach is on foot or by boat from Matala. The walk from Matala takes about 20 minutes and it can't be considered as an easy one. Red Beach however can get pretty crowded in the high season. There is a small stone-wall canteen offering snacks and drinks and a few umbrellas and sun-beds.
Nudism is tolerated at the two ends of the beach.

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Matala village
Messara, South - West Iraklion
at 0.7km (N)
Kommos beach and arch. site
Messara Bay, Iraklion
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Pitsidia village
Messara, Iraklion South
at 4.3km (NE)
Kalamaki village & beach
Messara bay, Iraklion South
at 4.7km (N)

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